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Thank you for your interest in working with Digital Frog Photography. Currently accepting model submissions for open projects. Looking for all unique types and beauty standards. 

Projects are creations for the public and it’s to push the artist creative boundaries. Most of the projects does require nudity as the focus art subject. 


  1. Must be 18+ years of age.
  2. Sign consent and release form.
  3. In Las Vegas - Visitors are okay as well long as schedules permit for the projects. 
  4. Must be uninhibited with the photo session. Nudity is required. Not all projects will require nudity but expect it. 
  5. Complete application and submit current photographs (photos do not need to be professional , just current. always headshots and full body shots. ALL NUDE IMAGES must be full body front and back. DO NOT SEND IMAGES OF ERRECT GENITALS . Application will not be accepted if do. There is nothing wrong with expressing yourself, just that our projects are not geared towards that industry. 
  6. Open to physical alterations (ie. change hair color, cut facial hair, grow facial hair, shave body hair, etc.) 
  7.  Comfortable being photographed in front of people.
  8. Comfortable being photographed in public places.
  9. Open and free to Artistic and creative ideas for photo session.
  10. Lastly good vibes and a good working personality. 

Use the link below to complete your application and photo submissions.  


If you have a specific concept that you would like us to help you create, feel free to contact us and book your session.