X-Pression 38

The X-Pression 38 Collection


Introducing X-Pression 38 by Digital Frog
Photography; A 4-print collection selected
from a biennial photography collaboration
between Nathaniel Kemp and
Donald “DeP” Paige. The innovative result
is a full sensory immersion experience
entitled “ Rebirth” slated for release in 2021.

These 4 are available now in print,
completely authenticated and certified.

Rebirth was inspired by an account of DeP’s
Journey to 40, The pivotal role of the year
2020 and its resounding influence.
Consequently, the team chose to
commemorate his 38th year in tandem
with the completion of this highly anticipated
re-creation by selecting and offering only 38
prints of these four certified images.

X-Pression 38 will not be reprinted.

Explore these feature and dive into the
captions and explanations that incrementally
divulge breathtaking stages of life.
Nothing is Happenstance!

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