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Red Light Pt III: Release of the Don

Breathe in Elevation, Exhale Minimization. The journey demands a complete acceptance of ones greatness. Life’s environmental walk is designed to exfoliate layers of programming, revealing a super power steeped in culture and laced in positioning long forgotten. Royalty embraces all of the things that shape a soul to be uniquely great. Destroy the tendency to hold unto to those which are not. no happy holiday, 2 years in a row... Never ignore the red light... it is a sign.

red light pt iii: release of the do
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Contemplation of Sin

I woke up here, a burning sensation all over my body. A fire within and out...everything is blurry and then slowly you fade into view. Above me...standing. The sun, making it hard to see your expressions, your intentions; all but your eyes. No words spoken yet I find myself accepting the reality that I have been rendered immobile, vulnerable, compromised, unable to move...I am unafraid. I see you looking at me; I feel you looking through me. Nature shifts. What do you see? What do you want? What do I need?

contemplation of sin
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Implosion: Amerikan Debris

Babylon. Fall. Those that built it stand on the ruins left behind by the 3% who allowed selfishness and control to ravage it...enter a new cycle; a new order. Was anything learned?

implosion: amerikan debris
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Party of 1

Lights down, cameras on stealth. Black as the pit from pole to pole...a perfect prescription for the life-of-the-party as he clings unto the hope that reality warping liquid would transport him back to a time where vulnerability was seamless. The bubble had long since been pricked. The glamour of success and distraction of duty camouflaged the reality that he was losing air. Bottle #3... breathe. Focus on self. Who else will pick up the pieces before anyone sees you like this? One bath from broken.

party of 1
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